Make Your Own!

by Jamie

Construction paper crafts are the discovery of an open mind. The comparison can be made by giving a white sheet to a child, who is so innocent at heart. They will draw and make new things with that paper and trust me it will be one of the very innovative things that a person could make. It is such an interesting activity which seeks the attention of all age groups of making and constructing different things which are new and innovative. It is like giving rise to new things just with the help of imagination running wild to any extent. There are so many things which can be made with paper, so fast and so exciting.

construction paper crafts
They are easy and cheap and it can be made by using different colored papers. They are found easily in the market so get hold on to some colored construction paper, glue, glitter and scissors and then just creativity flows into it. To make it more attractive and the best you can use any other different items that you would love to use. The different activities with the construction paper include butterfly craft or the bouquet or the basket clock or the duck. Fairy tale castles and the paper lanterns are very common. Paper necklace and wind chimes are also very famous. From these activities different words and then different sounds and different repetitions and noises can be made to learn to a child. The learning of the child is made in a much more interactive and a bright way. Visual observance always proves beneficial for the growth of the child and it provides a very healthy development of the children.

The cards and different items that are constructed with the help of the construction paper which are hand made can also be gifted to different people in different people at different occasions and it always leaves a very special place as hand made gifts are always very special and close to the heart. There are many competitions that are held all over regarding the crafts for children so that they can use their imagination to create new things. It really helps in the upbringing of the child by taking them part in such activities where their mind is not jailed by a fixed set of instructions. Children have an open mind to take anything and everything from nature and put them in on the construction paper.

All of us at least once in our lives cut snowflakes or really wanted to. Snowflakes can be put around, hung on the tree, glued to the window, stuck to the ceiling, turned into elegant garland to use as napkins for the holiday table – it all depends on the size and type of paper you are using and how long you want them to spend.

We are going to do a well tested, unusual snowflake that will make other people jealous. You will make this paper out of your own hands!

Below is shown a step by step guideline which will help you to answer a very common question, “How to Make Snowflakes out Of Construction Paper?”

The paper – it’s what’s available to us everywhere, including in offices and schools, this will serve as a great snowflake Christmas ornaments and there!

origami snowflake

To make this snowflake, you will need next items and tools:

  • 6 square piece of paper the same size
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scotch tape
  • stapler
  • thread or other material to hang snowflakes

Each piece of paper is folded diagonally, then draw on it with a ruler of your future cuts.

Cuts planned cuts.

Begin to twist it to form a snowflake out of paper, tape them with the scotch tape.

The next “frame”, the future of paper snowflakes twists already in another direction. Alternate sides, we get six blocks:

In each half of  the snowflake, we are doing with our  hands, will be three such blocks, held together by staples:

Snowflake halves are fastened together, using the stapler.

Blocks also are fastened together, in one of these fixtures insert a thread for hanging:

Snowflakes can be made of different colors, textures and sizes can vary, as well as the notches. It all depends on your liking, the interior and the amount of paper.

Once you are done with that, for an added touch, you can use any available foil or color film, and finished the snowflake with it or some glitter!

This was not a new idea, but nonetheless a simple and stylish idea.

I wish you success in transforming the surrounding space in a joyful New Year or special occasion!


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